A Review And Research Of Multidrug Resistance Essay

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An incredible and incorrigible oversight has transpired in the scientific community which has overlooked the review and research of Multidrug resistance (MDR) relative to pathogenic bacteria and their ability in developing resistance against what should be lethal doses of pharmacological drugs, which are lethal to bacteria without resistance. More than half a century ago, to the tune of 88 years, Alexander Fleming (1945 Nobel prize recipient) cautioned his peers about abuse of antibiotics with the introduction of penicillin. And yet even as early as the 1970s a clear majority of “experts” assumed the war on infectious diseases was won, such as when the Surgeon-General stated it was time to “close the book” on infectious disease. I can forgive ignorance but not arrogance, and I disdain apathy and as such it is with much exoneration and adoration that I can respectfully say that most recently the United Nations, on September 2016, has issued a point to prevent the misuse of antibiotics and to reinvestigate how to successfully combat bacterial pathogens. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also been on board with unraveling the mechanisms associated with bacterial resistance. A few topics of note are the bacterial MDR efflux pumps (EP) which are a determinant factor, having an array of physiological functions expressed by efflux genes. These genes are regulated by multiple systems, to which a promising efflux inhibitor may soon inflict a state which these EP will be
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