A Review : Efficiency Improvement And Reduction Essay

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A Review: Efficiency Improvement and Reduction in emission by using blended vegetable oil Bio-Diesel in C.I. Engine.

Onkar V. Dixit[1], Ajinkya Jadhav[2], Dr. Lavendra S. Bothra[3]
M.E. Energy System and Management, ARMIET, Sapgoan [1]
Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering, ARMIET, Sapgoan [2]
Principal, ARMIET, Sapgoan [3] (E-mail- dipudixit1991@gmail.com)
Abstract:- Bio-Fuel oils are used as alternate substitute to diesel in CI engines with improvement in engine performance and also reducing harmful exhaust gas emissions. Various blends have been reported by researches in this area as the optimum, giving higher or comparable engine performance. Bio-diesel is one of the most promising alternatives for diesel needs. The present work is focused on the performance of Castor seed oil, Mustard seed oil and Sunflower seed oil and its blend with diesel on a four cylinder, 4 stroke, naturally aspirated, direct injection, water cooled, hydraulic dynamometer diesel Engine for variable loads. The physical and chemical properties of Castor oil, Mustard oil and Sunflower seed oil and its blend were determined. The objective of using vegetable oil is to convert waste vegetable oil used for domestic purposes such as cooking oil into biodiesel using an alkali catalyzed transesterification process.
The performance and emission characteristics of engine will be studied using Castor seed oil, Mustard oil and Sunflower seed oil and their blends with diesel and by analyzing the
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