A Review Of Bywater's Essay Surfing

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Bywater is a professor at Dixie State University, He teaches expository english and has his way of doing so. On every Tuesday of the semester a printed draft is to be brought into class for class evaluation and on Thursday the final draft is due. On Thursday Bywater gives the topic for the next paper. He teaches based on The Rules of Thumb 9th edition, a book written by Jay Silverman, Elaine Hughes, and Diana Wienbroer. He urges his students to use sentence level structuring. Sentence level structuring includes level one, two, and three sentences. These sentence levels make up the compound, complex, and complex-compound sentences. The way the paper should be set up is introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions. Conclusions should give a sense of closure. Slowly but surely Bywater hands out sheets that give instruction based on the week's assigned paper. He encourages students to following a checklist, avoiding MLA , and he also prefers that the students tell the main story of the paper in the introduction. When writing a paper for professor Bywater students should use his writing evaluation checklist that's based on Rules of Thumb as a guide. Some of the evaluation questions include,…show more content…
Body paragraphs should have a first sentence that is a level one sentence backing up the thesis with key terms and they should also show transition. Then the first sentence should be followed by support and explanation in higher level or detailed sentences. A sheet was handed out with the proper essay framework and structure. It’s a visual checklist that provides a repeatable pattern for presenting information in an expository essay. Writing the story in the introduction allows for a proper setup that allows the writer to explain in the body and conclude in the
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