A Review Of Human Resource Management

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IMPORTANCE OF TRUST IN AN ORGANIZATION RESEARCH PAPER A Review of Human Resource Management ZaNetta Purnell Mount Wachusett Community College Author Note: This paper was prepared for Human Resource Management MGT 235, Professor John Fielding. When it comes to organizations many do not put thought on the impact that trust or the lack thereof can have on a company. Trust can best be described as relying on surety. Trust allows one to likely predict what one will do what they say or determines how a situation will carry out. Trusting someone involves not having full knowledge on what their intentions will be but having faith that what they 're offering you is for your good. With trust, you give more now to be able to receive more in the end. One may know that when trusting an organization or person, their vulnerabilities are laid out for all to see but you do not expect to be taken advantage of. Throughout this paper you will learn and understand the effect of trust or the lack of, how trust is destroyed, what is expected of managers by employees, and the high importance of trust when dealing with an organization. Let’s discuss now how does trust or lack thereof can have such a major impact on the functioning of an organization. To some trust may appear not to be an attribute that can cause an organization to be insubstantial, but in today 's society trust affects the glue between relationships. The major
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