A Review Of Jebidiah Smith's Commentary On The Book Of Gates

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During Jebidiah Smith’s tenure at Oxford University and after, the science of archaeology had not yet taken the proven form that modern science and technology have provided our scientists in this day. As the Oxford Professor, during his transcription of his greatest work, “A Commentary on the Book of Gates”, had only the occult tome to provide a learned look at the Yidathian environment his vivid descriptions using the Seer Stone of Dloth provided some unusual conclusions. Naturally, many academics considered him to be the fringe of the day, and without question the appearance of the Commentary had such an effect to many of the learned institutions of higher education. But his concepts have stood the test of time, as with some horror we have begun to discover many of the fossils and relics that he, in the nineteenth century, had speculated would be found.…show more content…
The book has not yet been published but those students of the work consider the Commonplace book to be an essential part of the canon. It should be available after Oxford Press censors the material for the sake of public
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