A Review Of Language Learning Skills Essay

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A Review of Language Learning Skills in VoiceThread VoiceThread is a Web 2.0 tool, a cloud application that gives users many options to communicate. Its ' unique features give users the opportunity to communicate by microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload over a period of time (VoiceThread, 2016). VoiceThread supports users ' ongoing communication, and it is used by teachers in language learning classrooms. It aids language teachers by providing a platform to present, submit, and evaluate language learning lessons and activities which are based on language learning skills. Specifically, VoiceThread aids teachers when teaching language learning skills such as listening, speaking, communicative competence and interaction. All of these skills are equally important for the skill development of L2 English language learners, however, the ability to utilize listening skills in this application is the foundation for language learners to respond, speak, interact, and communicate using VoiceThread. In that sense, listening skills are necessary for effective interactions in VoiceThread. Explicitly, learners need to use their listening skills in order to understand and communicate with other learners in VoiceThread. Aisha Walker and Goodith White echoes this idea when they list all of the listening skills that are needed to understand and respond to a spoken message in their book, Technology Enhanced Language Learning: Connecting theory and practice. The
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