A Review Of Moral Competence Leadership

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A REVIEW OF MORAL COMPETENCE LEADERSHIP Introduction: Moral competence does not have a unique definition. However, in simple words moral competence is an ability that judges the thing is correct or wrong. Mental capacity, universal human principles golden rule, altruism and measured against are connected to moral competence. In following part, definitions and relatedness will be mentioned. 1. Mental capacity: Mental capacity refers to decisions made by patients, which have a moral and legal status as decisions. (Owen e al., 2007) for example, people have the mental capacity, thus they are able to make their own decisions and able to understand the information relevant to the decision. This concept connected to moral competence because…show more content…
(Cohen, 2001) To further explain, universal human principles are an accepted or acknowledged regulation of behavior and this principle is common around the universal society. Utilitarianism considers a behavior, ethical if it results in the greatest good for the greatest number. Categorical imperative which asks whether a universal law can people made from the behavior. Justice refers to treating everyone equally. This concept connected to moral competence, since application of universal human principles is one of the stages of moral competence. At this stage we determine how to apply principles of utilitarianism, the categorical imperative, right theory and justice in our behavior, personal goals as well as values. Thus, universal human principles is connected to mental capacity and moral competence, due to it is the second stage of moral competence. 3. Golden rule: The golden rule says “Treat others as you want to be treated.” The idea is global. It’s common to all major world religions; Confucius, Hillel, Jesus and many others used it to sum up how to live (Gensler et al, 2013). In other words Golden rule describes what should we behave and how to treat others in an equal or two way relationship and it is common around the world. Golden rule is connected to Universal human principles and moral competence. Universal human principles like those embodied by the ‘‘Golden Rule’’ (Lennick et al., 2006). Golden rule is a way to embody
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