A Review On Corporate Sponsorship

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Corporate Sponsorship in Present days A Review of the Literature Geetha Mounica Perla Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ 07601 Author Note This paper was prepared for EPS 5119-87, taught by Professor Cynthia Sobreiro. 2 Abstract Corporations provide nonprofits with budgetary support, and consequently, nonprofits provide corporations with positive PR and increase in business. In a Fortune Magazine article, writer Shalene Gupta calls attention to that both sides can be the reason for the end of these connections. "Philanthropies don 't generally consider partnerships responsible for guarantees made in light of the fact that they 're only cheerful to have the company giving whatever they can, and enterprises have minimal motivator to stay contributed since the relationship doesn 't generally profit them.” For example ‘The Kroger Co’ can benefit in many ways sponsoring feeding America. It enhances company 's image and visibility, differentiate company from competitors. It helps in establishing good community relationships. 3 Corporate sponsorship support is a business payment to a nonprofit to further the nonprofit’s mission, generally perceived by the nonprofit with an affirmation that the business has upheld the charitable activities, programs, or special event. A corporate sponsorship is successful with benefits for both the charitable nonprofit and its sponsor. However, there are assessment issues to be aware of: In order for a
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