A Review On Dynamo : Amazon 's Highly Available Key Value Store

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A review On Dynamo: Amazon’s Highly Available Key-value Store
An e-commerce website must have requirements such as performance, reliability, efficiency and high scalability for an efficient functioning. Out of these requirements, reliability is the most challenging requirement to be satisfied as a small outage can lead to a large financial consequences and affect the customer trust. This paper gives insight into the design and implementation of dynamo, a key value store that throws light on availability and reliability. The availability is achieved by sacrificing consistency of data under certain failure scenarios. Amazon handles millions of customers trying to access various data centers around world. Hence, reliability and scalability are of prime significance and the management of the application state affects the reliability and scalability. “Amazon uses a highly decentralized, loosely coupled, service oriented architecture consisting of hundreds of services”. Therefore, there is a significant need for storage technologies with high availability. Amazon has built various storage technologies, such as Amazon S3, to attain the reliability and scalability needs. Dynamo is one such storage technology that is built for an amazon application relying on scalability and Availability. In dynamo, scalability and availability is obtained by the use of a combination of techniques. For instance, Data replication is done by using a variant of consistent hashing and the…
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