A Review On Effective Compression

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A REVIEW ON EFFECTIVE COMPRESSION IN MPEG-4 VIDEOS USING MARKOV STATISTICS Ms.S.Bhuvaneshwari Dr.T.Gunasekaran.Ph.D., M.E(A.E),Dept. of ECE, Professor &HOD, Dept. of ECE VCEW VCEW Namakkal, India Namakkal, India bhuvanakceece@gmail.com gunaece2000@gmail.com Abstract-Video editing softwares are easy to use but videos are exposed to tampering. Mostly, video cameras are built in MPEG-4 codec. Therefore, the detection of double compression in MPEG-4 videos as a first step in video forensics research. Markov based features are used to detect double compression artifacts. Keywords—Digital forensics, double compression, Markov statistics,MPEG-4. 1.INTRODUCTION For video tampering process, the software should first decode the compressed videos and then work in the uncompressed domain. The tampered video should be re-encoded and saved in compressed format after interpolation. Therefore, the double compression artifacts, as the intrinsic characteristics, may reveal the occurance of tampering. To detect video double compression, less work has been done. Double compression detection is accomplished by examining the periodic artifacts in Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) histograms of I frame.
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