A Review On Employee Behavior

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Literature review
Employee behavior in organizations is the biggest threat to information security (Schneier, 2000)(Martins & Eloff, 2002)(Da Veiga et al, 2007). Currently, research in IS focuses on technical mechanisms of security, and does not think about employee interactions with the system (Parsons et al, 2010). Research has shown that an emerging threat to information security is the insider (Hu et al, 2012)(PWC, 2014). The insider threat is the most difficult information security challenges that organizations face, as well as one of the hardest to protects against (Stanton et al, 2005)(Hu et al, 2012). The severity from malicious insiders could produce negative publicity and even financial losses to an organization.
Surveys suggest that IS misuse, errors/damages could have disastrous consequences on an organization (PWC, 2014). The Information Security Breaches survey (2014) found that 58% of large organizations were affected from security breaches caused by the insider. In the same year 36% of security breaches were the result of unintentional human error. With the advent of mobile networks and the cloud, new security risks have been presented to an organizations information assets. Though organizations do not plan on deploying countermeasures to mitigate threats by the insider, 46% of organizations haven’t provided updated security awareness and training to the employees (Information Security Breaches survey, 2014). This points to the need for organizations to
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