A Review of Die Antwoord, a Rap-Rave Band from South Africa

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Die Antwoord Die Antwoord is a rap-rave band in South Africa that managed to get the attention of the whole world as a result of its controversial lyrics, sounds, and general attitude. While most individuals listening to their lyrics and watching their videos are probable to express mixed feelings concerning them, the masses need to look at matters from the perspective of someone who expects people to perform daring acts at certain times on account of their interest in getting the general public's attention from matters that are relatively boring. Die Antwoord is generally meant to trigger intense feelings in people and these individuals are unhesitant to use divisive tools with the purpose of achieving their goals. Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er are the band's lead vocalists and they dominate most videos through their intimidating singing, behavior, and appearance. It is curious that most people are likely to be humored as a result of first coming across this band. Some might even feel repulsion, as each of the band's songs contains explicit expressions and scenes. However, the masses need to understand that this is actually what the band's members expect from the public and that they are happy with their public image. Die Antwoord has one primary purpose: to shock. They succeed in doing this in most occasions and they actually manage to attract a large number of fans as a consequence of their unconventional thinking. Sure, one might be inclined to believe that Die

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