A Review of Employee Training and Development

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A review of employee training and development. Donna Heeter 4/10/2006 MGT 431 University of Phoenix Mike Anderson As we push forward into the 21st century, organizations are realizing the very real value of having high quality and focused training available to their employees. A dollar value return on investment is the reward to any organization willing to make the bold move toward provided the kind of high quality training that is becoming standard to be a cutting edge industry leader. The benefits organizations are seeking for their employees are organizational commitment, job satisfaction and low turnover. The emphasis and value an organization places on how much and the quality of training it gives its people is the most…show more content…
Due to our record growth, associates that have come from other companies often comment that the atmosphere and job satisfaction at KWR that doesn't exist at other large international real estate companies. Turnover is an organization's largest unnecessary expense. Turnover has not only monetary consequences but lost time, opportunities and decreased morale. High quality training can have a direct impact on decreasing the turnover at an organization. The above discussions about organizational commitment and job satisfaction tie directly into low turnover. When employees feel satisfied at work and are grateful for the career opportunities that have been provided for by the available training, they will be less likely to leave. Also, social comparisons to organizations that invest lesser amounts of resources to train employees will cause the perceived value of their organization to increase thus making it less likely to leave (Lee & Bruvold, 2003). People who experience high levels of quality training are more likely to experience success, on the job satisfaction and commitment which makes leaving less of a factor. As stated earlier Keller Williams Realty has been the fasted growing real estate company for 11 years straight and we are currently the 4th largest real estate company in the world. Based on our past decade of growth we will be the largest real estate company in the world between 2010 and 2012. The
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