A Review of K W Lee's Article 'Energizing the ESL/EFL Classroom through Internet Activities'

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If you would like the same writer to complete future research development for you, please specify the writer's username (see above) when placing your next order. The paper below is an example from which certain passages, ideas, and/or information may be referenced and correctly cited. This paper in its entirety may not be sold, reproduced, transmitted, or claimed in any manner without the written permission of Student Network Resources Inc. IMPORTANT: Please remember that the charge on your bill or statement will appear as "Student Network Resources." It is illegal to claim that you have not received your order. This delivery email is documented proof that your order was delivered to the email address you provided. Student Network Resources will prosecute to the fullest extent of both state and federal law anyone who attempts to commit fraud against our service. Lee, K. W. (2000). "Energizing the ESL/EFL classroom through Internet activities". The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. VI, No. 4, April. Retrieved http://iteslj.org/articles/lee-internetactivites.html The article discusses ways through which the role of the internet can be defined for the improvement of the activities of ESL/ EFL students. There are a lot of means through which the Internet can offer new means of engaging students because it represents an important source of information for English language and not only. Singhal, M. (1997). "The Internet and foreign language education: Benefits and challenges".

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