A Review of Laura Esquivel's Novel 'Like Water for Chocolate'

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I. Introduction Laura Esquivel's novel 1989 "Like Water for Chocolate" puts across intense feelings related to love and food as concepts that complete each-other. Tita de la Garza is the central character and the person in charge of making readers sympathize her as a result of life's injustices toward her. Food is one of the most important elements throughout the novel, but it is meant to stand for much more than its original meaning, as it assists the protagonist overcome her problems and it makes it possible for people around her to indirectly acknowledge the suffering that she is going through. II. Summary The novel is separated in twelve parts and each part is named after months of the year. Each section begins with a Mexican recipe that the central character apparently wants people to learn in order to employ similar attitudes to her in situations where they feel pressured. Tita is stressed by her relatives because she is expected to act in agreement with the family legacy by taking care of her mother until her death. However, her adventurous nature makes it difficult for her to do so and until she is actually separated by her mother she turns to cooking as a means to channel her pains. She is eventually united with Pedro, the person she is in love with, but they both die and emphasize the fact that it is impossible for Tita to be happy. III. The writer Esquivel obviously wants to put across intense messages with regard to how women are often discriminated and
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