A Review of Manu Chao's 'The Bleeding Clown'

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The Bleeding Clown's lyrics can be interpreted in a number of different ways. At the heart of the narrative is the clown, who was once a source of joy for people, but who has "lost my reputation crown." This is a metaphor for anything that has fallen from grace, and the bleeding clown imagery is intended to be particularly sad. Knowing the worldview of Manu Chao, which is strongly pro-justice and highly suspicious of the process of globalization, the song reflects the capitalist society. While it has the potential to provide amusement and has traditionally been seen as something positive, it has at this point proven to be the bleeding clown, a system that has failed to deliver joy. People, like the children in the song, are moving on. In the Edible Earth, David Ransom describes people in Britain who are moving on to post-fertilizer food production. The video A Crude Awakening highlights why. The world has become highly dependent on fossil fuels for its progress during this Oil Age. Yet, no that we are past peak oil, and with consumption only continuing to increase, the time has come to start thinking about how we will survive in the post-fossil fuel world. This vision is going to look a lot different than the vision that most people have. The small group described by Ransom meets in almost a clandestine way, with nobody from the greater society knowing about what they are doing. Yet, they are making some of the most important progress. In Permacutlure, it is described how

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