A Review of Reseach in “What Predicts Human Trafficking” by Kevin Bales

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Article Review
“What Predicts Human Trafficking”
The article that is under review is titled “What Predicts Human Trafficking” by Kevin Bales. Aims of this article seek to highlight the most important predictor of human trafficking on a global scale. According to Bales, multiple indicators that identify human trafficking have previously been acknowledged by earlier investigations. These indicators derive from social, political, cultural and economic difficulties that affect the livelihoods of an individual with respect to global location. The assessment of variables during the scope of research distinguishes prospects, destitution, and controversy as the critical factors in determining the incidence of human trafficking. Additionally,
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To satisfy the concerns of the posed questions, the author examines country data and potential indicators that contribute to the prevalence of human trafficking.
To assist in the understanding of data in terms of numerical values, as such data fails to exist according to Bales, the utilization of two approaches assisted in guided research. The first approach that Bales refers to in the article was the use of a five point scale to provide a representation of quantity for international trafficking. The five point scale categorized countries by compartmentalizing and observing each independent country in relation to the incidence of trafficking in that region. In addition to the five point scale, Bales incorporated the use of multiple regressions in unearthing the answers to the previously stated questions. As regression seeks to pinpoint a change in dependent variables in relation to change in multiple independent variables, this method of conducting research is ideal for this area of discussion as little to no research currently exists to base claims.
According to findings in research, prospects, destitution, political duplicity, and controversy are the major underlying predictors of trafficking. The use of multiple regressions operations as a means to highlight the strongest predictors of human trafficking reveal political duplicity as the prevailing indicator in trafficking from a country on a global scale; while the percentage of
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