A Review of Reseach in “What Predicts Human Trafficking” by Kevin Bales

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Article Review
“What Predicts Human Trafficking”
The article that is under review is titled “What Predicts Human Trafficking” by Kevin Bales. Aims of this article seek to highlight the most important predictor of human trafficking on a global scale. According to Bales, multiple indicators that identify human trafficking have previously been acknowledged by earlier investigations. These indicators derive from social, political, cultural and economic difficulties that affect the livelihoods of an individual with respect to global location. The assessment of variables during the scope of research distinguishes prospects, destitution, and controversy as the critical factors in determining the incidence of human trafficking. Additionally, research cites government corruption and the influence said corruption has on human trafficking. Exploratory research conducted by the author draws attention to a capricious phenomenon that has become intertwined with individual justice. Research solidifies the presence of human trafficking despite the lack of statistical information readily available. By rationalizing variables on an elevated scale, greater insight can be provided into the realm of trafficking. Through thoughtful and succinct characterization of the predictors of human trafficking, the author achieves at simplifying the multifaceted gauges of the trafficking of the populace.
Prior and existing knowledge of trafficking reveals a general understanding of the term trafficking,…

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