A Review of 'Using Scrum in Distributed Agile Development: A Multiple Case Study'

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Scrum and distributed agile development The article "Using scrum in distributed agile development: A multiple case study" was a case study conducted with an interest toward proving the efficacy of scrum as a global software development approach (Paasivaara, Durasiewicz, Lassenius, 2009). The article makes little mention of XP as an approach, although it can be inferred that XP is also considered as a similarly useful method for increasingly distributed agile development. In order to explore the efficacy of scrum, the authors conducted a multiple case study involving three companies in Finland. The article begins with an introduction to scrum, and then discusses the methodology and results of the study. The authors found that scrum is a useful approach through which to succeed in the global economy, allowing companies to save money, communicate more efficiently, and coordinate the disparate offices that exist within a company. The authors began the article with a brief overview of the virtues of distributed agile development as an industry-wide trend in the corporate environment. They argue that distributed agile development has the principle benefit of allowing for physically distant parties to work in unison on projects. As technology becomes all the more prevalent and useful in its potential, it is time for companies to make full use of technology and deploy techniques that will allow them to work more efficiently. To this end, scrum and XP are particularly useful

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