A Review of the Educational System

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Failures in the American Education System Changes such as shifting the majority of the power and influence away from the department to the teachers, are important to the educational system. Individualism is a key factor in achieving educational success. The American Educational System (AES) needs to not only address each individual student and their needs, but also each teacher and how they are approaching their subject matter. The AES also needs to fix the problems that the No Child Left Behind Grant (NCLBG) and standardized testing have created. Also, the AES needs to modernize the educational system and create a learning environment the enables rather than hinders new generation learners. In an interview with Ken Robinson by A. M. Azzam for the journal Educational Leadership, the topic of creativity in American education. is discussed. The modern era of teaching has killed of creative thinking. Because the current thinking within the educational system has essentially become “Creative thinking is, in all practical uses, the opposite of critical thinking;” the American education is in a constant struggle to gain students’ attention and passion. Ken Robinson believes that creativity should work to promote and encourage critical thinking within young learners. Rather than being the opposite of critical thinking, he thinks that creativity is thinking divergently. He thinks that by innovating the way society views creativity, we can bring it to the classroom. Teachers could

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