A Review of the Internal Performance Measurement

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REVIEW OF THE INTERNAL PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT / INCENTIVE SYSTEM Prepared for Ed Quinlan Regional Director H & R Block Canada Inc. Prepared by 1029450 Senior Tax Professional November 21, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive summary 3 introduction 4 mission 4 vision 4 values 5 incentives 5 individual goal setting 6 Compensation structure 6 strengths 7 weaknesses 7 success in strength 7 training 8 office goals 8 conclusion and recommendations 9 appendix a - about H&R block 9 appendix b - compensation package 10 references 13 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY H&R Block is a tax service company that has been in operation for over fifty…show more content…
There are five levels of tax courses that have to be done sequentially. Once Level One is completed and the employee had a successful tax season with a high degree of accuracy they are allowed to proceed to Level 2 the following year. If not level one is repeated. Your compensation is partially structured based on years of service. Awards are presented at the end of the tax season for client retention, growth, highest number of returns in several different categories and many more areas. This is more bragging rights and public recognition rather than monetary. Office Goals Targets are set by head office based on location, population growth and budgeted growth for each office. Once all targets are met, the employee is compensated. If not the payout is reduced or eliminated. This builds team spirit in achieving office targets. Client Focused Tax associates are compensated based on client responses to a one question survey. This encourages employees to go above and beyond to assist clients with other queries not just tax preparation. This encourages client
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