A Revision Of The Controlled Substances Act Essay

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Considering a Revision of The Controlled Substances Act Drug abuse and misuse are prominent problems in the United States, whether the issue is with trafficking, overdoses causing death, illegal recreational use in adolescents, or even improper prescriptions by medical professionals leading to physiological dependence. The formerly listed problems stem from outdated, yet current, classification system of drugs in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). The “Heroin Epidemic” is an example of a problem concerning improper prescribing in medical practice; this issue began when many medical professionals began to prescribe potent painkillers to their patients early in their treatments. Over time and with consistent use, the patients grew to psychologically and physiologically depend on the painkillers. Eventually, the prescribed painkillers became unaffordable and patients began to depend on a cheaper drug with similar, yet more dangerous, effects: heroin. As a result, many are addicted to heroin as compared to prescription drugs. There is also an issue concerning qualified medical professionals that “pill mill,” meaning they prescribe Schedule II drugs such as oxycodone with the sole purpose to make more money; this puts the patient in danger in exchange for the doctor’s personal benefit. As a student pursuing a career in the medical field, I find that the proper implementation and use of medicine and drugs is vital to providing quality health care, so that events like the heroin
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