A Revolutionary Vote For A New Generation

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A Revolutionary Vote for a New Generation The beginning of every presidency is an inaugural address that lies out what the candidate plans to do during his term. These are sometimes once in a lifetime moments that no one should miss. On January 20, 1961, President John F. Kennedy gave his inspirational and uplifting address that outlined his plans as President in a way that would rally the young American population behind him because of his use of rhetorical appeals and strategies of argumentation. It is clear from the speech, that Kennedy plans on uniting the world against communism and war at whatever cost. It is extremely clear that these issues are important to Kennedy and he wants the American people to share his beliefs. In this speech, Kennedy states that his Presidency should be cause for a celebration of freedom. The United States will try to help other countries in the world control and the spread of communism: to ensure the continuous spread of nonviolent democracy and universal peace. The generation of the country during this time is made up of children from the WWII era. (Slothower). They are young, just like Kennedy, and he motivates the population by bringing a sense of pride about the country and a sense of hope for peace in the future. This is the beginning of activism: the belief of individual rights and humanitarianism. War machinery and inventions, such as the atom bomb, are a very real threat that could destroy the very aspect of life on Earth
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