A Rhetorical Analysis Of A Speech

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There were various aspects of the speaker’s delivery that were effective, in her opening part of her speech she was interacting with the audience in their posture stances. This gave many an understanding of what she is trying to show them how posture can change the way an individual view themselves in a third person perspective as well as their confidence build. I myself took a look at my posture and realized that in fold my arms excessively and hunch over to feel more comfortable in a room full of unfamiliar people. On the other side we have individuals who use as much space as possible to show their dominance to others such as spreading out by stretching while standing or sitting. Speaking very clear and making strong eye contact makes her an extremely effective public speaking as she gestures to the things she wants us to focus on as we are talked through her examples. Transitions are very noticeable as slides or videos giving examples as visual representation makes her speech very easy to follow and understand her points effectively. Cleverly using nonverbal examples such as handshakes, eye winking, face to face eye contact as well as physically touching another are very good…show more content…
Both of these support materials used are relevant in that minds shape the body, the body also shapes the mind. Roles changes can also shape the mind as you can feel more powerful by a role which consequently can make you feel less powerful as well. Her claim that if an individual that needs to take over an alpha role suddenly, the person’s testosterone rises significantly whereas their cortisol drops significantly within a few day is very acutely pinpointed. An example is someone who get a promotion at work, those individuals feel very powerful and confident after a few days given that role changes can shape the
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