A Rhetorical Analysis Of An Ad Essay

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Alexius Sparkman
Dr. Ernest Williamson III
English Composition II
15 March 2017
What's Being Advertised; A Hamburger or Something Else? There are many factors that contribute to the overall influence that an advertisement can have on an audience. In May 2005, Carl’s Jr. debuted the controversial ad featuring a bikini-clad Paris Hilton writhing sensuously on an expensive Bentley luxury car while enjoying a large burger. This ad’s effectiveness relies on trendy, sexualized imagery, and specific language choicest appeal to the young teenage to college age male. However, we live in a society where women are being exposed by the media. Typical stereotypes suggest that woman are suppose to be beautiful, skinny, and have flawless bodies. Carl’s
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uses pathos as a rhetorical strategy to target their audience’s emotions by using a very attractive women to get a reaction from men and making them want to pay attention to their ads. They also target the average consumer by involving celebrities into their ads, it makes it seem like if they can eat it then so can you. The company is targeting women indirectly because the woman in this ad has a “perfect” body. Subjecting the notion that women are supposed to be skinny. Therefore, if they see this very skinny woman eating this hamburger without gaining any weight it gives them the idea that you can eat Carl’s Jr. hamburger without gaining any weight. All of which are things being used by the food chain to convince their audience to buy their…show more content…
Carl’s Jr. is able to effectively complete this task because of a variety for factors in their advertisement. They successfully appeal to the specific audience by using sexualized, trendy imagery that creates an eye catching effect. Because of this initial appeal, Carl’s Jr. is able to draw the consumer’s attention only using two images and three sentences. When it comes to asking if “size matters,” Carl’s Jr. might repeat the same claim they used to advertise their hamburger – “She’ll tell you that size doesn't matter. She's
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