A Rhetorical Analysis Of Black Holes

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The sixty-symbols website has quite the collection of intriguing astronomical theories and interviews, but I specifically chose that of the black hole that contains interviews by Omar Almaini, Ed Copeland, Tony Padilla, Meghan Gray and Mike Merrifield from the University of Nottingham. The video began by a man revealing to his audience that he is often questioned about his personal opinion on black holes, which he informs us that “of course” he sees them as frightening and intimidating but goes on to refer to them as “cuddly”. Upon further explanation he points out two small (but different sized), round, black balls of fabric (that seemed to be knitted) that were gifts for his sister-in-law and they are meant to be representation of black holes with their solid black exterior. This seems like a useless example, but after thinking about it more critically I realize that I wasn’t…show more content…
After his brief time on the screen it changes to another interviewer, female this time, who continues his statement by adding that “material comes together under the force of gravity and tries to fight but get too much material you can’t overcome that force and eventually mathematics and laws of physics take us into this strange regime”. The next series of speakers are broken into approximately 30 seconds of screen time in which they explain pieces of what causes a black hole. The next screen continues with a man who explains that black holes occur simply when a star dies and another speaker elaborates on what they are by explaining them as “something that’s got many masses of a sun that has collapsed on its own gravitational pull” and “a lot of mass that is packed in a very small region, eventually collapses to the point where not even light can escape from it and it forms what has been called an event
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