A Rhetorical Analysis Of De Lesseps By Gamal Nasser

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In 1956, while giving a speech in Alexandria, the president of Egypt, Gamal Abdul Nasser speaks the codeword “De Lesseps” , sending Egyptian troops to seize the Suez Canal from the British. Britain currently has a fragile economy given it’s currently the middle of the cold war, and WW2 ended 11 years prior. Britain needs the canal for economic reasons, specifically oil. France is in the midst of a revolutionary war in Algeria, and Nasser currently backs the Algerians. The canal is also operated by a French company, so losing it would hurt the French economically. The Israelites are waiting to jump at any excuse to go to war with Egypt. France, Britain and Israel see that they might be able to suppress Egypt with teamwork and a bit of foul play.
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