A Rhetorical Analysis Of Gender Equality Essay

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A Rhetorical Analysis of Gender Equality
Gender Equality is a big issue throughout the world, but what exactly is it? Well to answer that, it is the view that everyone should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on gender. Today, most women are getting treated differently compared to men. Whether it is based on pay gap, power, or strength the problem comes up. Men think they are stronger and better than women and this upsets women because it makes them feel like they don’t have a place in this world. This is where feminism comes into place. I chose this topic because I can relate to it more than the racial option, although now it could be about the same.
In this analysis paper, I will be discussing the issue of gender equality that is being argues by two different authors. There are two different articles that I will be using, where they both contradict each other, and one is highly stronger than other because of their credibility. “Moving beyond pain” by Bell Hooks uses different sources compared to “Gender Equality is a Myth” by Beyoncé Knowles. The authors use different credible techniques to state a stronger argument, but also in some they use rhetorical appeals in the same way. Both of them show their knowledge on the topic of gender equality, except one uses more of a source that could be true, unlike the other one, it all depends on how a person praises the author.

As most of us know, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is a well-known artist. She
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