A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Hillary Clinton Campaign

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In this commercial, the Hillary Clinton campaign is being attacked. It claims that Clinton is an unfit president for the United States by using a variety of examples. The video begins by talking about the emails she deleted from her account and then speaks about how certain terroristic attacks could have been prevented if an organization she was in did more. It says that the Senate Intelligence Committee Review blames the State Department for these attacks and brings up Hillary Clinton. The ad then says that she wants to “reset” connections with Russia, however, it shows that Russia has caused some major problems in the world. Later, the ad says that she was under fire when she landed at one place, but then it shows a video that shows her happily talking to children and people. Clinton is then shown saying that she came out of the White House broke, though it is stated that she came out with…show more content…
It says the message wasn’t authorized by any of the candidates and that it was funded by another organization. This shows that it might not be the most trustworthy video and could be bending the truth a little. Besides this, another problem was that it took bits and pieces of people talking and the audience doesn’t know whether or not they are talking about the subject at hand. I did find several strengths, however. Throughout the video, there was evidence given as to why Hillary is a bad person. To back these claims up, they fill in with reports, statistics, and also live footage of Hillary’s lies that countered previous things she had said. There is also a lot of pathos that is created in the video, and through this, the ad can capture the audience’s attention. They use a picture of a hungry boy holding a sign that has powerful words on it, motivational music, and throughout the whole video, there was multiple pictures that made the audience form an emotional connection through
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