A Rhetorical Analysis on Nineteen Eighty-Four

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Running Head: NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR Nineteen Eighty Four: A Critical Essay on Rhetoric Bereket Kifle Composition 12 Honors Abstract George Orwell employs the usage of different rhetoric throughout 1984. The rhetoric differs from describing the human body and its struggle to survive to the different crimes and how the citizens felt about them. Also, within 1984 lies a warning from Orwell: to eliminate the caustic consequences of a communist government. While Orwell served as part of the Indian Imperial Police in Burma during the 1920s, he examined the faults of the communist government. This phenomenon inspired Orwell to warn governments world-wide to stay on the right path to a safe and free rule.…show more content…
Logos Presented in 1984 This dictator, Big Brother, has lost all respect for the humble earnings of a single household family. The despicable actions prophesized by Orwell’s warning message leads to an important question: why do dictators steal from the poor and give to themselves? “The state is responsible for the organization and direction of the economic life of the country, in accordance with a central social and economic development plan”, (Gale Research group, 1998). Orwell knew this and talked about it quite a bit in his novel, which established logos; he knew that installing fear within the minds of the citizens he watched over would lead, whether they wanted it or not, to their safety. Stability is safety. Less knowledge is safety. When the Party is questioned less, there are fewer opportunities for the Party to be wrong. This is why the mere thought of hating Big Brother earns anyone a front row seat to death. Big Brother’s opinions are strict—very strict. They are so strict that there are oversized cameras called telescreens installed everywhere throughout Oceania. The telescreens ensure that nothing is said about Oceania’s perfect leader. This device is installed as a reminder that “Big Brother is always watching” (Orwell, 1949). In
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