A Risk Assessment of FedEx Corporation Essay

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A Risk Assessment of FedEx Corporation Abstract Many organizations perform risk assessments to measure the amount of risks that could impact their organization, and identify ways in treating them before a major disaster occurs. Risks involve theoretical effectiveness of security measures, loss of impact, threats and vulnerabilities that are common in today's society. FedEx Corporation follows guidelines and policies that are governed by processes by which the company assesses and manages its exposure to risk. The company's major financial risk exposures and the steps management has taken to monitor and control such exposures (FedEx Corporation, 2005). Introduction Almost every company in business is face with some risk or…show more content…
The company established an effective recovery capability to help reinitiate critical, core business processes following a significant, unplanned interruption of normal processing (FedEx Infosec, 2006). These strategies were implemented to help guard against unacceptable, adverse financial and operational impacts caused by unidentified risk and threats. The disaster recovery plan includes information that is critical to the business operation of the company. It outlines ways to make better decisions after a disaster, and promotes potential opportunities to reduce the risk of existing business processes. With many major facilities and stations around the world, FedEx is vulnerable to all kinds of risks. The company has hundreds of cargo and commercial airlines that are potential targets for bomb threats or terrorism. Many of the company's critical facilities are located near water, and if a natural disaster like a hurricane strike, it could cause severe damage to the operations. Other potential impacts and threats the company could face are security issues, earthquakes, storms, bomb threats and terrorism. Risks and Potential Impacts There are many potential risks and impacts FedEx could face may lead the company in an unworkable state. Nearly 60% of disasters usually come from non-catastrophic events. The company's airline fleet and hub locations at

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