A Road Map For The Future

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A Road Map to The Future The year is 2089 and a lot has changed since your lifetime, let’s take a look at present day New York City compares to the past New York City. Back in your lifetime major issues of city life was: air quality, jobs, crime, and traffic low. All of these issues are mostly a thing of the past. Our air quality has vastly improved since 2045 when the use of fossil fuel was outlawed in favor of renewable energy sources. We also planted a plethora of trees and other plants around the world to help reduce the greenhouse gases that were destroying our planet. As for jobs, we got rid of them. I’ll admit this change took a lot of getting used to, but it was something we had to do. Our population was increasing and machines were replacing a vast amount of people in the work force. We finally got to the point where there were more people unemployed than employed. This lead us to do away with jobs and money. Nowadays we work as a community to take care of the machines that do the work and come up with new ways to improve our world. Once we did away with jobs and money and made sure everyone was proved for equally crime mostly stopped. All cases involving greed have been eradicated because if there is something you see someone has that you want, all you have to do is 3D print it for yourself. After we got rid of jobs, people were no longer in a hurry to get to places. Traffic still exists, but outside the city. People use the trains, buses, or the moving
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