Essay on A Robot Character in the Films, Wall-E and Treasure Planet

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Treasure Planet
The film Treasure Planet has a key robot character. He is old rusty, left behind and has gone mad. Traits similar to that of our robot character.

The robot is skinny in it’s body shape and has a human aspect (picture a skinny human who has been left in the wild for years). The robot has expressive eyebrows as the character talks during the movie. Another reason the robot character was chosen was because of the eyes again like the eyebrows are very expressive. They have movements like a normal human eye (depicting a human aspect again). The character is rusty and has moss growing on the arms, head and other parts of the body. An aspect that could be incorporated on to our character.

A major film I took a look at was Wall-e a film based on robots and a robot who has been left alone to rust and to shutdown on earth. There are a number of robots in the movie I could look like but I will look at key robots from the movie.

The major character in the movie is wall-e. A rusty robot with human like characteristics which is shown throughout the movie. Like when he doesn’t get his way he kicks something and it all fall on him (like a stubborn child). The design of this robot is to be cute and to attract a huge audience. Even though he is rusty and falling apart throughout. The cuteness is shown through the characters eyes which have many human emotions. The character is not your standard looking robot with legs and a large torso. This make the robot…