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The Role of a Woman In a Raisin in the Sun is a play about a family that lives on the South side of Chicago, a section of the city Hansberry once described as “ a place apart”, where “ each piece of our living is a protest “. After the death of Walter Young (Big Walter), his wife, Lena (Mama), is the beneficiary of a $10,000 insurance policy. The money will be used to provide for the family’s future. Race, race relation and big Walter’s insurance money supply the thematic context for Hansberry’s play; but the Younger family is, essentially, searching for its place within American society. Hansberry once pointed out that even a “Negro family “has “many gradations as we see in a Raisin in the Sun the women portray the progression women have…show more content…
Mama and familial- cultural collective history that she represents even as each acknowledges his or her continuing dependency. Parks stated that mama compares them to the little plant in the kitchen window; neither has had enough sunshine or anything else- they have spirit but are twisted. The power held by black women in the family makes the domestic role fundamentally different from the more passive, ideal mother- wife in mainstream American society whose life is consumed by a family in which she has little power. The responsibility, which black women traditionally hold in the family, suggests that the family is a traditional locus of black female power which demands a particular leadership, style. In a Raisin in the Sun is the man of the house because she is the one who pays bill and also her husband past away. The black women’s role in the physical survival and is growth for her sake and her family sake. Mama is a good example of the role of a woman because she’s the glue that holds the family together. Beneatha is very much the new woman; she is planning to become a doctor. Cheney stated that Beneatha her will delay marriage until she completes her traing, she doubts God and various social institutions, and she toys with diverse forms of self- expression – playing the guitar, acting, and horseback riding”(61). Cheney stated that Beneatha is an obvious pun, suggesting her contempt for many traditional ideas”

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