A Room Of Distorted Mirror Analysis

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“A Room of Distorted Mirrors”

An investigative journalism piece by Kylie Bell

The Cries of a Girl

She lay awake at night listening to the cries in the next room. The cries of a girl who never felt good enough. One night she stepped out of bed, and walked towards the cries. She saw two people sitting on a bed, one crying on the other’s shoulder. “Momma what do I do?”, the girl’s cries turned to sobs and she struggled to get the words out. This was the first time she had seen the girl cry even though she heard them every night. People had criticized the girl to the point where she couldn’t handle it and broke down. My heart ached for the girl. The people were criticizing her because in their minds she was “just too skinny for normal.”
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The girl in the picture is Kristina Saffran who started suffering from anorexia nervosa at just ten years old. Anorexia is an illness which means “loss of appetite”. When someone gets so obsessed with losing weight they self starve and ignore their body’s need to eat. Her struggles stopped a year later when she started middle school. Kristina was finally happy again. She would always tell her friends, “I couldn’t be anorexic again if I tried,” but that was a lie. At thirteen (just before middle school ended) Kristina’s eating disorder came back. “(Her) eating disorder came back with a force that (she) hadn’t even remotely felt when she was ten,” and on her visit back to her specialist she was admitted directly into the hospital. Now you may be wondering “Was she ever even ‘fat’?” which is a question that most people had asked Kristina. The answer is no, not at all. In fact, she always regarded herself pretty highly, at least in terms of thinness. Usually people with anorexia develop a distorted body image and their mind tells them they are fat even if they are dangerously thin, although that wasn’t the case with Kristina. She always considered herself an “eight out of ten,” but she wanted to be a ten out of ten. Kristina wanted to be “perfect” and in her mind what she was then wouldn’t cut
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