A Room Of One 's Own By Virginia Woolf

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“When men are oppressed it is a tragedy, when women are oppressed it is a tradition”. This clearly indicated the mentality of people back in 1800’s and even now. Some people think the same; women are made to be oppressed and to be treated badly. From the beginning women were looked as inferior to men. They are confined in an area where they are allowed to do their duties. They were not supposed to get out that localization. They were treated inferior just because they are women. In Charlotte Perkin “The Yellow Wallpaper “it determines the mental and physical health of a women, how the society effect it. In A Rooms of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf it basically represents the gender inequality in every aspect of life. Both A Rooms of One’s Own and “The Yellow Wallpaper” have a different kind of approach but both of them have a same basic core or problem which is women oppression. In A Rooms of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf the writer was thinking about her speech which she is supposed to give on women and fiction. She begins with a strong thesis statement which states “a women must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. This clearly states the oppression of a women that in the 19th century, they are not even allowed to have a private room of her own in which she can relax and write. They obviously have no money, because men at that time think that women are only good for household chores and they have no brains, they were considered property. They have
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