A Room Surrounded By Philosophers From History

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As I stand in a room surrounded by philosophers from history, I am in awe in the presence of the greatest teachers ever known to mankind. I feel intimidated and unworthy to be interviewing men of such legendary status. I suppose it was written all over my face and that is what captures the attention of Socrates. He walks across the room and he asks “ What is this troubled look upon your face? It speaks to me from across the room?” “ Oh, I’m o.k. Socrates, just feeling a little out of place being around all these great minds with so much wisdom, I have so much to learn from all of you, I just don’t feel as though I have learned enough.” “ Good heavens Barbara, surely we are all just men, pupils of the world, such as you are, who in fact could consider themselves advanced enough to be a teacher as we are all just merely pupils in this life.” “ Thank you Socrates, you know, I wanted to ask you something, we here in the modern day study your teachings and are amazed at your insight, but do you, think of yourself as wise?” “Well, I must ask you this, what is wisdom? Is wisdom the knowledge that one has gained from books or is wisdom the understanding that one will never be wise? I seek knowledge and wisdom, but I am not wise. Wisdom is something that is sought to be obtained but yet unobtainable. True wisdom comes from within, the act of seeking knowledge will make one be considered wise, for in the act is the admission that you are in fact unwise. For if…
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