A Rose For Chocolate Chapter Summary

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While doing a gig at Shady Nook nursing home Rose McNichols, reporter for the Granite Cove Gazette, and wannabe stand-up comic, meets occasional resident Mabel Smithwick. When one of the residents is found dead in Mabel’s room she is sure she was murdered thinking it was she. Mabel claims to have witnessed a murder in her swimming pool and is positive they are out to kill her. Her family and the police don’t believe her claim since she drinks and has dementia. Her daughter-in-law Sonia, who rubs elbows with the Hemlock Point rich, keeps placing her more in the home to keep her out of the way. Mabel’s son inventor Edmund seems to live in his own drunken haze allowing Sonia to do as she pleases. Sonia’s nineteen-year-old son Otto, the Edgar Allen Poe type, writes an internet comic strip and stays in his room, which Sonia approves of since he has such a great following. At a party at the Smithwick home Mabel is found dead, again everyone believes she must have been drunk and fallen. Rose believes Mabel was right about what she saw and was murdered for it and sets out to find out the truth……show more content…
Outstandingly written Cook draws her readers in with her remarkable, witty writing style. The characters are so realistic leaving you either loving or hating each one. Quirky, light-hearted plot and characters make this a truly fun read. It’s been a while since I have read a really good cozy and this one is superb. This was my first intro to the “Granite Cove Mysteries” and I for one can’t wait to read them
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