A Rose For Emily And Gothic Literature

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Have you ever read a story filled with horror, death, and a little romance? In literature, stories with these characteristics are classified as gothic literature. For example "A Rose For Emily" by Emily Faulkner is Southern gothic literature as the setting is specific to the south while "The Cast of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe is gothic literature. In "A Rose for Emily", Emily and the community are stuck in the old ways of the South as they attempt to avoid the inevitable changes happening around them. In the end, Emily dies and the community is shocked to find her lovers body laying in her room. On the other hand, "The Cast of Amontillado" focuses on the protagonist revenge plot and death of the antagonist. An analysis of Poe 's and…show more content…
Emily 's house represents old southern ideas because it sits on an plantation which as her family were once prominet slave owners. Although both stories involve creepy old structures, the setting in Faulkner 's story is specific to the South. Additionally, the death and decay of a character represents the instability of the protagonist while creating suspense. In "A Rose for Emily", Emily experienced death twice as her father dies of unstated causes and she kills her lover, Homer Barron. The death of Homer Barron creates suspense as the last sighting of Homer is going inside Emily 's but is never seen or heard from again. In the end, the townspeople go in Emily 's room after her funeral and find Homer 's decaying body laying in her bed. Moreover, a long piece of gray hair and indention in a pillow is found on an pillow laying next to Homer. Thus, Emily was sleeping next to his rotting body every night until her own death. Moreover, decay is representative of Emily 's life from an well respected figure in her community to a drown woman with an bloated pale figure left to long in the water (Faulkner ). Faulkner, illustrates how Emily was once of high status but now times in the old South have shifted causing her health to decline. Emily 's reluctancy to part ways with the old south causes her to become alone and isolated for the majority of her life. Hence, the reason she unmarried as her father drove away
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