A Rose For Emily And Psycho Analysis

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Though “A Rose for Emily” and Psycho have two different plots, they have similar themes and characteristics. Both stories have a murderous theme, with eerie abandoned looking houses. In both Faulkner and Hitchcock’s stories, the houses looked as is no one was taking care of them, but there were still at least one person that came out of each one. Within the two houses were secrets unimaginable to anyone outside of the home with a cloud of mystery hanging over them. This comparison essay will cover the main characters, Ms. Emily Grierson in “A Rose for Emily” and Norman in Psycho, who have similar themes of mystery, loneliness, and secrets. The mystery comes from the lack of knowledge about what actually happens inside of the homes. Even though the town was able to see Emily in town or later standing in her downstairs window, they did not know what was going on in that house. Especially ever since she stopped her classes with the children. Norman also did not have anyone looking inside his home. It was just him, his mother and no one else. Spectators may call this sad, but to the ones that live in…show more content…
With different plots and characters, both writers were able to capture the audience’s attention with secrets and murder. Faulkner’s “a Rose for Emily” made the audience feel sorrow for Ms. Emily’s losses, even though she was the one that murdered Homer. She was only looking for someone to stay with her. Hitchcock’s Psycho made the audience fearful of Norman. In the town and to the guests at his hotel he appeared to be a well-rounded man, but what they did not know was that he was devastated by his mother’s death and to fill that void he became her, and was even able to kill an innocent woman because he believed at that time he was his over protective mother. With character with loneliness and a touch of psychotic breakdowns Faulkner and Hitchcock made life long classic
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