A Rose For Emily Chapter 1-5

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In Faulkner's story, split into five sections the narrator begins section one with recalling Emily's funeral inside her home which not a single townsfolk had set foot inside for nearly ten years except for her single servant. The towns folk find themselves in awe at the run down shabby house once formally predominate for being the home to the most wealthy people in the area. They remember how after Emily's father died the mayor stopped holding her responsible from paying her taxes for a lady should be shielded and her father had lent the town a significant sum of money some time back. When the new town's mayor tries to make her pay taxes, Emily refuses to acknowledge that her arrangement with the previous mayor will no longer be ineffective and sends the men packing without a second glance. Part two takes place nearly…show more content…
Concerned town's women try to have the church's minister interfere but returns defeated. The minister's wife calls for her cousins to come stay with her and Barron disappears until after the cousins leave. One night he is seen being let in by the servant and then never seen again. Emily grows old embodying the haunting figure of her her father and becomes a recluse after her painting lessons for children fail. Eventually no one hears or sees Emily until her death, only her servant is seen doing her bidding around town. After some time in section five once the town and family are done viewing the body they explore the closed upstairs to find a single locked room. Once broken into they find it to be untouched by time, once meant for a bride and groom. They find the bed had the reminisce of someone sleeping in it, which was the dead body of the missing Barron. Alongside the site on the other pillow laid one long steely hair where Emily was to believed to be sharing the bed with
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