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In the story “ A Rose for Emily”, by William Faulkner the narrator introduces the reader to Emily Grierson, a sheltered southern woman who while alive struggled immensely with her sanity and the evolving world around her. Emily's father, a very prestigious man is the cause of Emily's senseless behavior. He kept her secluded from the rest of the town “We remembered all the young men her father had driven away...” (Page 3.) If Emily had been allowed to date and socialize with people her own age would she had turned out differently.

Emily Grierson, the only remaining member of the upper class Grierson family refuses to leave the past behind her even as the next generation begins to take over. Miss Emily becomes so caught up in the way
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Or were the Grierson's so powerful that they convinced the Colonel to leave Emily be?

The only relationships Emily ever had during her sheltered life were with men, which is quite ironic considering the fact that her father forbid males from having any contact with his precious daughter. There was Tobe her Negro servant, Homer the man she was to marry, and of course her father. Miss Emily and Tobe seemed to have a personal relationship it was deeper than him just being her servant. Every one else referred to him as “ That Nigger” and the narrator of the story simply called him “ The Negro”. When Miss Emily calls Tobe by his first name it proves that she has a sense of respect for him, he is also the only person(other than Homer) allowed in and out of her home after her father's death. Tobe proved his loyalty by keeping her darkest secrets ( The murder of Homer. It was obvious that he knew Homer was locked away in the upper half of the house because the day of the funeral he exited out the back door and was never seen again. Tobe knew what they were going to find when the people of Jefferson entered the bedroom) and remaining by Miss Emily's side until the very end. Miss Emily's father was the main reason behind her being secluded from the rest of the town. He felt as if no man would ever be good enough for

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