“A Rose for Emily” Essay

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Samuel Martin Instructor Waszak LIT 100 December 7, 2014 “A Rose for Emily”: Explain what we learn about Miss Emily’s character in the story (not just what she does, but what kind of person she is). Use specific evidence found in the story to support your conclusions. Be alert to the possibility that the narrator who reveals this evidence to us might have certain biases of his/her/their own. In the poem “A Rose for Emily”, William Faulkner stated that “another sad and tragic manifestation of man’s condition [is] in which he dreams and hopes, in which he is in conflict with himself or with his environment or with others” (Faulkner 79-80). In “A Rose for Emily,” a young girl, Emily Grierson, faces a rather tragic life and undergoes…show more content…
In her killing of Homer, she is holding onto the past- she is attempting to hold on to the relationship that she and Homer once had, or she wished that she had. She keeps his corpse lying in bed next to her, which is implied when it was “noticed that in the second pillow was the indentation of a head” and a “long strand of iron-gray hair” (78). Emily’s inability to let go of the past has been exemplified in the examples of her refusal to pay taxes and her murdering of Homer. However, the true cause of her inability to let go of the past lies in her conflict with in herself. Faulkner wrote “A Rose for Emily” with the intent to focus on the tragedy of man’s inner conflict, as well as outer. The two examples given are perfect in demonstrating these two types of conflicts. In the first, Emily is in conflict with her surroundings, in which the town officials are trying to tax her. In the second, Emily is in conflict with herself. She “knew that you do not murder people. She had been trained that you do not take a lover. You marry, you don’t take a lover” (80). Emily tries to embrace the tradition and background of getting married, having a family, and being in love. However, these aspirations soon caused her to break down when Homer was going to leave. These conflicts, most importantly the one within herself, strongly impacted Emily to be unable to let go of the past. Over all, in “A Rose for

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