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William Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily” carries a theme represented by a dying breed of that era, while using symbolism to represent tragedy, loneliness and some form of pride, the story also shows how far one will go to have the approval of others and the pursuit of happiness. In today’s times, a person’s image could mean everything in life and almost everyone tries to fit into the main stream in some form at some point in there life. Though, people often claim to try to be unique and trend setters at some point they all buckle down and try to just fit in and impress. This idea to me goes into the same as for “A Rose for Emily”. The short story “A Rose for
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Soon it was found known that Emily had committed suicide and had murdered Homer as well. His body found in a locked room in the top of Emily’s home. On the bed where Homer laid rotting, there was a strand of Emily’s hair where she had been sleeping next to his rotting corpse. “we saw a long strand of iron-gray hair” (397). Following reading the short story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, I was in some form of shock. It’s not everyday I can read a story out of an English book and actually like it. Thinking about this assignment while reading the story made is easier to dig deeper into the text rather than skim reading. I was able to pick up on more on what was being said the themes, motifs and symbols of the story. To me the part of the story that stood out the most, was the form of symbolism which was the gray hair found on the pillow next to Homer’s rotting corpse. Upon first reading and re-reading I didn’t understand, I didn’t put two and two together, I only saw Emily as being a person suffering from necrophilia. It wasn’t but a few hours later after reading that the symbolism reached me. The gray hair in itself does represent some very disturbing images and acts, but more importantly it symbolizes a form of love lost, and the often insane things people will do in the pursuit of happiness. You think about it, Emily in my eyes did have some major problems but as a whole all she

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