A Rose for Emily

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Lasinda Lemons Professor Hix English 1302 Section 11417 October 2, 2006 A Rose for Emily In “A Rose for Emily” I feel the story is being narrated in third person not only by one person but also from several of the townspeople, most of those being white southern locals (based on the time period of the story). The story is set in Jefferson, Mississippi during the early 1900’s. The author of the story William Faulkner himself came from Mississippi, which is an inspiration for many of his other stories. Jefferson is a critical setting in much of his work. Faulkner bases most of his stories in the Southern part of the United States using Southern cultures and history in his writings. Faulkner himself had a great-grandfather…show more content…
In comparison to Emily and her family the narrator was an outsider looking in because of the differences in where each ranked in the Jefferson society. It was interesting and exciting for the narrator to keep up with how Emily lived her life, be it good or bad. Emily was a mystery to the townspeople. The death of Emily’s father led to her freedom. It is ironic however, that he never found anyone good enough for her but then she ended up dating and falling in love with a laborer who was not only in a different class than her but also from a different part of the country. This could be a reflection of part of William Faulkner’s life, because a woman he had been seeing and fell in love with became engaged, not taking the gentlemen who proposed to her serious; however, he mailed her an engagement ring and they were later married. This story could have been inspired by a lost love such as this. Emily didn’t want to lose her lover so she made it to where he would be by her side permanently. The town just seemed to overlook everything she did because of her place or her stature in society. She was able to avoid paying taxes, to buy poison and kill a man without answering to anyone. It was if everything she did was overlooked or people just looked the other way and not to tarnish the family’s name. The way Emily’s father raised her had a big impact on the way she lived her

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