A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

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Symbolism can be something that represents another thing for example the bald eagle of the United States of America represents freedom. Some symbols or objects are trifles things that don’t have any value but some people they think that they have value. There’s a manifold of symbols that represents a lot of things, another example is the Texas flag, the Texas flag has three colors an each one has a meaning the color blue represents loyalty, the color red represents bravery, the color white represents purity, and the big star represents The Lone Star which is a symbol of unity. Symbolism in “A Rose for Emily” is use in a variety of ways for example Miss Emily she represent the monument and mental illness, mental illness because she killed her own husband.Another character that had symbolism is Homer Barron he represents more than just a simple character, he represents insensitivity because he dint care about another people. An explanation of characters and objects that we have seen in the short story “A Rose for Emily.” The character Emily herself is a symbol of monument. The townspeople see the house really pretty, in the inside it’s really like entering to hell. In the article symbols in “A Rose for Emily” the author tells us “the house used to be the nicest houses on the street. Later during the story takes place the house is old and worn in.” Emily also symbolizes mental illness “she has been lying down on the bed, beside the corpse of her dead former fiancé.” She
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