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Annotated Bibliography
Literary Analysis of
“A Rose for Emily”

Brett Wenzel

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April 5, 2013
Annotated Bibliography

Thomas Dilworth
Melczarek, Nick. "Narrative Motivation In Faulkner's A ROSE FOR EMILY." Explicator 67.4 (2009): 237-243. Literary Reference Center. Web. 15 Mar.
This summary of this analysis is good because they did analysis of “A Rose for Emily”. They did use much info for the Faulkner and was very useful. He had much information on Faulkner’s past and his novels. He did focus more on his Faulkner than the book.

The analysis of Faulkner was very in depth because the research did more research on Faulkner then the novel. Many of the other
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McArthur, Debra. Indroduction to William Faulkner. 1st. United States of America: Corel Corporation, 2009. 92. Print.
The summary of this was very good job of telling the theme of the book. The book did very good job of telling theme because the theme was hard to get out of the short story. The book told a little about Faulkner’s past and how it is related to the story. Though it did a good job of telling why it is related and telling why it is the theme of the story.

When reading the book the book was short but had a lot of information for the reader. The theme for the story was very compelling for someone to understand. It also gave other information but the theme was the most important information for the book to give.

I will use this information for the Theme Analysis because it gave theme in the book and I feel that is the most important part of story. I might use it for the plot analysis as well.

Literary Analysis of “A Rose for Emily”

Introduction “The Rose for Emily” is better story because the story is more different than the other story. “The Rose for Emily” is taken place in more recent times which is interesting to read about. Love is also key factor in choosing in what readers want to read about because love stories are very popular today. Finally the book seemed really a good book from the plot all the way to its title. “The Rose for Emily” is story about love and betrayal and she was left alone at the end of book,
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