A Rose for Miss Emily

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Faulkner guides us through his short story “A Rose for Miss Emily”, with his own unique form of third person limited narration. This narration allows the audience to follow the opinions of the narrator and develop the mindset the author desires his audience to have. Specifically, William’s choice to begin the story with the description of Emily’s funeral gives the reader a sort of inherent sympathy for Miss Emily, which we, the readers, naturally carry through the story as we build our opinion of Emily. Faulkner then continues to build shape our opinion of Emily through the metaphorical comparison of her with a “Fallen Monument.” Such a comparison unsurprisingly leads the reader to think of Miss Emily as some sort of tarnished noble, or…show more content…
Faulkner’s narrative choice to present this incident at the beginning of the story allows the audience to intertwine their feelings of sympathy for Miss Emily with those of the distaste on would feel in for someone who treated them as she treated her guests. Additionally the reader becomes more observant of the tone and attitude Miss Emily has towards other people. This short, cold ability to intimidate people into doing as she wishes is something that continually developed as she became older. Furthermore, when this was combined with her status as a “high and mighty Grierson” (page 392 Norton) the townspeople never seemed to be able to confront her about any sort of insubordination she was the source of. The smell, being the first of these annoyances she created, was met with inability on part of the town’s people to decide exactly what to do about the situation. The first complaint of it came in the form of gossip, like much of the discussion of Miss Emily did. This finally progressed to a complaint to the judge, who admitted to having no idea as to what course of action to take but agreed to ask about it. This obviously did nothing because two more complaints came in the very next day, further showing the cowardice the townspeople show in the face of one secluded old lady. This situation is resolved by four men sneaking onto her property “like burglars” (page 393 Norton) and sprinkling lime in her basement. This shows the supremacy Miss
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