A Rose in the Hall Essays

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A Rose in the Hall

In 1989 Pete Rose, one of baseball’s greatest, lost all the respect he had gain in his successful career. That year, the league had brought to there attention that Pete Rose was a chronic gambler. Eventually Pete Rose ended up being banned from baseball. Now he wants a chance for a spot in the Hall of Fame, a place for baseball’s greatest. The question of whether or not Pete Rose should be accepted into the Hall of Fame has been a source of great controversy in the baseball community. The author, John Leland, address this controversy in his article, Hustling For the Hall, and attempts to prove that Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Mr. Leland believes that because of Rose’s accomplishments,
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Leland writes as if Rose has been cheated out of something he loved dearly, making the reader feel bad for Rose. Leland talks about how much Rose used to love baseball and how Rose dedicated his life to it. Leland explains how Rose’s trials, “Stir intense passions--for fairness, forgiveness and a second chance”. The reader feels as if Rose is not even getting a fair chance when Leland explains how the commissioner of baseball will not even listen to Rose’s case. Facts like these make the reader side with Rose before even hearing each side’s case. Leland appeals to the reader’s emotions in this case because most people feel that even the lowest of people deserve a second chance, a chance for Rose to reform his lifestyles. Leland quotes Rose saying, “Even Charles Manson gets a hearing every two years”. Leland agrees that Rose deserves a chance.

Leland argues that Rose is banned because he may have bet on baseball. Here he makes the reader feel as if the case against Rose is not credible. Leland examines the case against Rose and finds that it is “flawed, and severely imbalanced. It did not present any exculpatory evidence”. He also points out, to take away from the credibility of the charges, that the Washington D.C. bar dismissed the case after seeing the report against Rose. This information makes the reader think that someone is out to get Rose, that the case is
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