A Russian Martyr, Ivan Vasilyevich Moiseyev

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Dying at only twenty years old doesn’t leave much space for someone to do something remarkable, but for Ivan Moiseyev, it did. Moiseyev was born in 1952, and raised in a Christian home by his two parents, Vasily Timofeyevich and Ionna Konstantinova, along with his six brothers and sister. In 1968 Ivan finished school at a young age of sixteen and went on to join the Evangelical Christian Baptist Church (Neerskov, H.K.). In 1970, after about a year-and-a-half of joining the church, Moiseyev gave his life to the Lord, and obtained a newfound love to preach the Gospel not only in church, but to the young people of Volontirovka, his hometown. For quite some time, Ivan Moiseyev had the job of a delivery driver. That is, until November 1970, when Moiseyev got drafted into the Soviet Army for two years of training and service (Neerskov, H.K.). Since he became such a strong Christian, Moiseyev was always trying to find a time and place to pray. Eventually, Moiseyev found a room that stayed empty till ten A.M. Every day, Ivan woke up at five A.M. and went to that room to pray until nine A.M. (A Russian Martyr, Ivan Vasilyevich Moiseyev). On one particular morning, Ivan was running late and had to hurry to the morning call; everyone had been waiting for him, and looking everywhere for him in addition. Ivan had to explain his reason for missing to the commanding officer, who already knew Moiseyev’s position as a believer, and informed Ivan that he would have a punishment (A Russian

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