A SWOT Analysis of Boeing Company

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A SWOT Analysis of the Boeing Company Introduction: The Boeing Company is at once among the most venerable, stable and innovative corporations in the United States. Nearing its 100th year of existence, the aerospace and defense contractor is directly responsible for many of the aircrafts heavily in circulation for both commercial and military purposes. The SWOT here offers a concise overview of the company's operations. Strengths: Boeing's greatest strengths are its size, resources and reputation. A 2012 report by Defense News identified Boeing as 2nd only to Lockheed Martin in its revenue through military contracts. The source stated a defense revenue of $30.7 billion and an overall revenue of $68.7 billion. The latter figure is actually considerably greater than the composite revenue drawn by Lockheed Martin. (Defense News, p. 1) This denotes that Boeing's greatest strength is the singularity of its resource wealth and, therefore, its Research & Development capabilities. Weaknesses: Boeing's most glaring weakness comes from its connection to questionable ethics and tactics that might be deemed unsavory by the general public. From its own internal language, the company would be deemed to practice fair ethics vis a vis its clientele. Boeing (2012) reports that "Boeing will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, in accordance with the company's values and Code of Conduct, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. In the
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